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We had the opportunity to interview Liam Sharp, an author and comic book artist. Sharp is well known to the Gears of War players for his collaboration to the series of comic books that is set in the GOW universe.

  • Do you like the world of Gears of War? Did you enjoy working with Epic Games enhancing the story, particularly adding female characters like in Barren's saga?
  • Loved it. It's such a well-realised, detailed world. Often in comics you're usually starting from scratch design-wise, but here everything was solid, already set in stone. It was a great jump-off point. As for bringing female characters more prominently into the universe - of course that was an important thing to be involved with. It added even more heart and pathos to the Gears universe I think, as well as adjusting the male female balance a bit!
  • How difficult was it to reproduce the graphic style of Gears of War as a comic book?
  • In the end you don't reproduce, you interpret. You can't 'play' a comic. All the rules are different. I mainly tried to make it believable on some level. I tried to make the characters human.
  • Are you proud of Jace Stratton’s presence in Gears of War 3? Do you think other character will be added? For example, Alex, who is the main character of a saga?
  • Extremely! How cool is that? It would be great if some of the others made it into the games. Time will tell!
  • After looking closely at some Gears of War 3 screenshots, we noticed that Jace's left ear is perfectly normal, while in your drawings his ear is ripped. Is there an explanation for this?
  • I gave him a scarred ear from the off - Joshua Ortega and I know the 'true' story of how that nick happened... As for the fact that it's perfectly normal in the game - I imagine he got it fixed up. They probably grew him a new one in a petri dish or something...
  • Of all the characters you have drawn, who do you like the most?
  • Ha ha! Probably Barrick... He's the only bald one with facial hair!
    PS: I mis read it! I thought it said who do you LOOK like the most! LOL! My answer would still be Barrick. He's an out-sider, a man out of time. He an old-school rock throwback - Lemmy with muscles - but behind the gruffness there's a huge heart beating.
  • Will you play Gears of War 3? And did you ever play the previous games before you started drawing the comics?
  • I'll absolutely play it - though I'm completely useless at gaming! My kids will put me to shame! Before Gears we didn't have any consoles at all. It's still another world to me! But I think that's a good thing as I wanted the comic to read as a believable world, not a replication of a game. It had to have it's own voice. My independence and general lack of knowledge with regard to computer gaming was ultimately a bonus - I wasn't bogged down or intimidated by the epic material.
  • Do you think that there will be a chance to work again with Epic Games in other projects related to the world of Gears of War?
  • Never say never! I'm extremely proud of my involvement so far, so we'll see! is part of Network | Contents by NeDan89, Scric93 and IggyZW. Design by NeDan89 and Daniel. | Top

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