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Gears of War: Judgment

A few weeks after the Emergence of the Locusts, Colonel Loomis charges the Kilo Squad guilty of treason, cowardice, trespassing and theft of experimental technology of the Coalition of Organized Governments.

It seems that Lt. Damon Baird, Augustus Cole, Sofia Hendricks e Garron Paduk are guilty of these crimes and are under custody in the Halvo Bay area adjacent to Jacinto, which houses the Onyx Guard Academy.

Exclusive Features:
  • The commands have been changed significantly. The Grenades will no longer be selected as a weapon, but will be launched automatically by pressing LB. The primary weapons instead will be exchanged by pressing the Y button. Holding it will select the standard pistol.
  • It was introduced a new mode called OverRun. It is a mix of Horde and Beast in which two teams of five players will have the task as humans to protect a generator and as locusts to destroy it. The COG will be divided in classes: Engineer, Medic, Scout and Soldier. The team of Locust will instead be very similar to we already seen in Beast Mode.
  • The Campaign will be much more difficult than in the past. In addition to having more enemies , the new "Smart Spawn System" checks our skills, so that the game is more challenging. Also new were the quests and the documents to be found during the story, so as to make the title more long.


General information

Software House: Epic Games - People Can Fly
Dealer: Microsoft Game Studios
Writer: Tom Bissell e Rob Auten
Composer: Unknown
Game Type Single Player (Split Screen: 1-2 | Coop Online: 1-4)
Multiplayer (Competitive: 1-10)
Platform: Microsoft Xbox 360
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 3.8
Language: English: Voice | Subtitles
Website: Official Site of Gears of War
Followed by: Gears of War
Year of release: 2013

Cover and Date of release

Microsoft Xbox 360
Gears of War: Judgment
March 19th, 2013 (Usa and Europe)

Debut Trailer

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